Featured Artist or Printing Sponsor


Paola Lane invites individuals and businesses to sponsor a featured artist for the January 2023 magazine issue. This fund is also for sponsoring printing costs. (Please read full description for more details).



Currently, we are accepting sponsorships for the JANUARY 2023 magazine issue.

Paola Lane invites individuals and businesses to sponsor an artist or the printing expenses of a magazine.

We do not actively solicit advertising that would normally support operations and expenses for a magazine. Subscriptions alone do not cover costs. In lieu of ads, we want to invite our community of readers and business owners to directly support the creative expenses that make each issue so enjoyable.

All proceeds (after credit card fees) go into a fund that is used specifically to compensate featured artists and/or printing costs. The amount given to an individual artist will be based on three factors:

  1. The number of and amount of sponsorships
  2. Their experience
  3. The type of work submitted

Ultimately, the final decision for how funds are distributed will fall with the executive team. Monies in this fund will ONLY be used for artists or printing costs. We will include the names of those individuals or businesses who sponsor featured artists or give to help cover printing costs in the January 2023 issue. If you would like to know more please contact Laura at editor@paolalane.com.


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